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Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD

Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD

Chair of the PAOF

The Tribute Program is a nice way to honor and recognize the special individual, institution, family or memory you have consistently admired. It can be to honor a birthday, an anniversary, service recognition, in memoriam, retirement, or special occasions you want to celebrate at any time, at your convenience. Simple as that but great in appreciation and gratitude.

All honorees will be part of the Digital “Wall of Honorees” with picture and biography. Upon donation honoree and donor will have their names and pictures published in our eVision digital newsletter.

If you are considering joining the Tribute Program, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at 817-275-7553 or at [email protected]. We will walk you through the program and will assist you to define your terms.

Your support to PAAO and PAOF is very much appreciated. The Tribute Program is a unique program for individuals, families, institutions and memories to honor our heroes and recognize their accomplishments.

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Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation

Tribute Wall of Honorees

Tribute to Paulo Dantas

We created a pterygium study group headed by our mentor Paulo Dantas, and we would like to honor him.
We wanted to honor him first as an individual because his character, goodwill, patience, and education serve as an example to us all and for being a friend for all hours.
Furthermore, we would like to honor him as an ophthalmologist for his dedication to patients and vast knowledge, which served as an example.
Finally, we would mainly like to honor the teacher and mentor. Always present in our education, discussing cases, and teaching surgical techniques in detail, without haste, aiming to improve all his students , continuously raising the level of ophthalmology and contributing immensely. To complete our tribute, we must praise his mentor side, encouraging his colleagues altruistically. He was the founder of the pterygium group PAC, always present in creating our courses, studies, and others, without aiming for promotion.
We would especially like to thank you for always opening doors and showing new paths to be followed.

Teachers are like lighthouses for ships. They are there to smooth navigation, bringing safety and lightning along the way.
For many years, Professor Paulo Elias Correa Dantas has been the beacon for residents and fellows of the courses that form ophthalmologists and specialists in Cornea and External Diseases.
His teachings transcend medical teaching: respect, honesty, patience, integrity make him an extraordinary mentor. He inspires us with his didactics, his perseverance and his irreverence.
He is a tireless motivator. Always with a new idea and a new proposal.
And as time goes on, former students become friends with him. We thank the Professor for all his teachings.
May he always continue with his light, strength and brightness, illuminating the path of his disciples.

with apprciation,

Pterygium Alliance Consortium

Dra. Debora Felberg, Dr. Sergio Felberg, Dr. Fernando Heitor, Dra. Catarina Ventura, Dr. Bernardo Moscovici, Dr. Fernando Eiji, Dr. Diego Ruiz, Dr. Arthur Schaeffer,
Dr. Francisco Bandeira, Dr. Victor Bergamasco

Tribute to Lorenz Zimmerman

To my mentor, teacher & friend from whom I learned some of the most important lessons of my life. The father of modern Ocular Pathology who influenced so many with his knowledge and his kind words & actions.

With love & gratitude,

Miguel & Nora Burnier

Tribute to Dr. Camila Ventura

This is a tribute to a very special person who has already left an indelible mark in ophthalmology and will continue this path of helping patients improve their lives by combating blinding diseases. Her leadership at all levels of her involvement make those of us around her want to join her team.”

Eduardo C. Alfonso MD

Tribute to Dr. Guillermo Pereira

My professor, mentor, and friend. Dr. Pereira had a tremendous influence in ophthalmology in Venezuela and Latin-America. His influence in my career was determinant. Thank you for believing in me! You were always right my friend…

J. Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD FACS

Tribute to Dr. Dario Fuenmayor-Rivera

My professor, mentor, and friend. Dr. Fuenmayor had a tremendous influence in my career and that of many others in Venezuela and Latin-America. We wrote many papers together in my early career, and marked my love for angiography of the retina and choroid."

J. Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD FACS

Tribute to Rich and Chita Abbott

In honor of my mother and father, Cecilia and Richard Abbott; as well as the profession of Ophthalmology. My parents have dedicated their lives to this incredible and honorable work and we have all received so much in return. Thank you to all of our friends at the PAAO for supporting our family, and especially, Dad, during this very difficult time.

Alison Abbott Chassin

Tribute to Rich and Chita Abbott

In tribute to Chita Abbott, a kind, compassionate and loving partner to Rich Abbott. As a couple they have contributed so much to ophthalmology on a global basis and all the while doing so with the greatest humility and respect to all. We will miss you Chita.

Giulia and Schalon Newton

Tribute to Miguel Burnier

Professor Miguel Burnier Jr. has been my professor, mentor, role model, and friend even before I entered medical school. He was fundamental during my postgraduate studies since he was the reason why I chose ocular oncology as my area of academic research. More than 50 colleagues from Brazil and other parts of the world are as lucky as I am for having Professor Burnier as their PhD advisor and as their friend; hundreds more have learned from him at his laboratory. It is truly a pleasure for me to donate to the Foundation of the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology in honor of Professor Burnier.,

Rubens N. Belfort III

Tribute to Arun Singh

"Professor Arun Singh was my professor in ocular oncology way back in 2008, and he has served as my mentor since then. For 10 years, he has been fundamental not only in my professional growth but also in my goal of making my ocular oncology service in São Paulo the largest eye cancer center in Latin America. He still serves as our international advisor in difficult cases, providing knowledge and guidance as an international volunteer. I am blessed to have him as my गुरु जी.

Rubens N. Belfort III

Tribute to Lorenz Zimmerman

To my mentor, teacher & friend from whom I learned some of the most important lessons of my life. The father of modern Ocular Pathology who influenced so many with his knowledge and his kind words & actions.

With love & gratitude,

Nora & Miguel Burnier

Tribute to Liana Ventura

As the current Chair of the Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation, you are leaving a great legacy behind due to your leadership skills, high ethical values, vision and passion for the education, especially for young Ophthalmologists. The PAOF will surely continue to keep your vision alive and to maintain a motivated and committed team as you have been able to build.

Carlos A. Coscia

Tribute to William De La Peña

"I have witnessed your impressive contributions to Ophthalmology during the past 25 years. Your dedication to leaving a legacy of education through training others in techniques of Phacoemulsification is a mark that you have made in the world of Ophthalmology. Throughout these 25 years, you have done this with the utmost of ethical values, commitment to education and always with great reserve."

Carlos A. Coscia

Tribute to Nelson Marques

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford

Nelson, Thank you for being a mentor and friend for the past 30 years. You continually inspire others to achieve greatness.

Teresa Bradshaw

Tribute to Zelia Correa

“It was an easy decision for you to be our first international participant in the AAO Leadership Development Program and we both knew it would lead to the first multi-national program, the Pan Am Curso de Liderazgo. Your engaging manner easily convinced the elders that next generation colleagues deserved earlier opportunities and responsibilities — it was clear to me that you served others more than self.”

Helen and Mike Brennan

Tribute to Mark Mannis

“Recently I was reading your own words in a profile to celebrate your Academy EnergyEYES Award at the last AAO. I quote:

‘Mentoring – A Major Career Accomplishment’

‘Young Ophthalmologists don’t put up with any subterfuge. They make you honest, and they make you smart. So, mentoring has really been a way to stimulate my own development as a clinician and a scientist, as well a human being.’

Your own words show why you are so essential to Ophthalmology, to PAAO, to PAOF, to your many fellows in Latin America, and to me as a dear friend, mentor and admirer.”

Mr. Nelson R.A. Marques

Tribute to Marilyn Miller MD

“In honor of your exemplary leadership and contributions improving education and research in international Pediatric Ophthalmology. Leaving a legacy to be followed by the next generations of ophthalmologists.”

Drs. Liana & Marcelo Ventura and family
January 2018

Tribute to José Berrocal MD

"In recognition of his visionary and innovative international leadership in ophthalmology. His dedication to continuing education and pursuit of excellence in clinical care for his patients was exemplar and have made him a role model to us."
Drs. Liana & Marcelo Ventura and family

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