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The Power of the Pan-American Network

ROP Day 2021

INTERNATIONAL RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY DAY SPROP reminds that on August 8 International ROP Day was created. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the purpose of this date is to put the spotlight on premature births and one of its risks is retinopathy...

Message from the PAOF Chair

I read an interesting formula recently that said:
Small Actions
x Lots of People
This makes me think of the Pan-American and how it represents us.

PAAO President’s Message

July 2021

“Patient care, teaching and research should always be united. Ideally, these three components of the academic medical mission should move always hand in hand.”
- William Osler

Message from the PAOF Chair

I would like to thank all the generous donors who are responding to the different fund-raising campaigns that are going on this year. Your generous donations demonstrate your commitment to advancing the Pan-American’s mission...

Message from the PAOF Chair

I know you believe in Pan-Americanism. The Pan-American is about relationships. The PAAO and PAOF have the unique ability to reach across countries and cultures in an incredible mosaic of collaboration.