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PAAO President’s Message

September 2023

Ophthalmology is a field that demands unwavering dedication, constant learning, and a passion for improving the lives of those we serve. It’s a profession that touches the very essence of human existence, as vision is one of our most precious gifts. In this context, being part of an association that nurtures excellence and innovation is not merely a choice; it’s an imperative.

Dr. Eduardo Arenas (1938-2023)

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, another giant left us. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia) left his mark on the world through his practice, the fellows he trained, meetings he contributed to, and friends he made. He will be missed.

PAAO President’s Message

August 2023

What is going to be your legacy to this world?

Lo Mejor 2023

Lo Mejor de la Academia en Español

11 NOV 2023


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Message from the PAOF Chair

We just finished a month of soccer fever with the Women’s FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand that finally saw Spain capture the title for the first time ever. As I saw the cultural exchange and international collaboration evolve in international soccer, I could not avoid to compare this to how the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) plays the same role as FIFA in bringing together all the countries and ophthalmologists in The Americas for our own cultural exchange and international collaboration.

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Message from the PAOF Chair

We are very proud to announce the continuation and success of our Pan-American initiative on bringing together PAAO Young Ophthalmologists (PAAO-YO) in all the 26 affiliated national societies. Organizing this vital activity is the PAAO-YO Committee that is co-chaired by Eduardo Viteri Jr MD (Ecuador) and Lina Cernichiaro MD (Mexico). It is a very active group of young ophthalmologists and we have gathered PAAO-YO representation/delegates from all our national affiliated societies.

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Message from the PAOF Chair

In this issue of e-vision, I would like to congratulate and recognize a major PAAO philanthropist couple this month. David & Molly Pyott have devoted their life to The David and Molly Pyott Foundation.

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The mission of the Pan-American Association
of Ophthalmology is the prevention of blindness through lifelong education and cultural exchange among ophthalmologists in the Western Hemisphere.

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