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The Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology is proud to offer many excellent opportunities to advance your knowledge. For the new doctors, we have amazing fellowship and scholarship opportunities.  To continue your education we have online courses as well as webinars. Doctors who want to take a leadership role in thier community or local and international organizations should look into our Leadership Development Course.
Much of the cutting-edge developments in clinical ophthalmology have come from Latin America, and it has been rewarding to learn from our colleagues to the South.
Mark Mannis, MD


Campus PAAO

Online Courses in Spanish.

Visual Fields Course

This course gives an eminently practical approach to the interpretation of the printed report of the visual field, as it reaches the hands of the doctor in the daily consultation; explaining each part of it, graphs and indices, for a correct, fast and efficient interpretation of the study.

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Interpretation of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

The course will develop a flow chart that will help course participants to analyze and interpret tomographic impressions and their correlation with the clinic and other complementary exams.

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Diagnosis and management of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most frequent causes of ocular consultation in the adult population. Due to its multiple etiologies and aggravating factors, it requires a detailed and meticulous examination to arrive at an etiological diagnosis. 

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How to prepare attractive courses and effectively present them

How to prepare organized and interesting classes and present them effectively, with the objective of winning and retaining the attention of the participants and increase their learning.

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Management of Astigmatism in Lens Surgery

The continuous progress in lens surgery offers us more and better options to achieve postoperative emmetropia. Some of the most recent advances are specifically aimed at reducing residual astigmatism, which requires a thorough understanding of the optical principles, as well as the different methods of preoperative evaluation and surgical techniques. 

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Management of Vitreous Loss in Cataract Surgery

Vitreous loss is the most frequent and feared complication of cataract surgery. In surveys conducted with ophthalmologists who have attended vitrectomy courses, it has been evident that this is the main cause of concern for most ophthalmologists.

This anxiety associated with vitreous loss is based on…

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My favorite benefit from being part of the PAAO was to be able to participate of the Curso de Liderazgo. This is an exceptional course that approached a topic that we (physicians) have no access to during our formation: how to become a leader.
Camila Ventura, MD


PAAO Webinars in Spanish and Portuguese

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Are you a member?  If so you have access to 78 webinars and that number grows every month. They are all sorted by sub-speciality.

Other Great Educational Programs from the PAAO

Visiting Professor

Every year PAAO/PAOF helps send requested professors to National Society Meetings to present the Pan-American lecture.

Leadership Course

The leadership course is by invitation only. You must be nominated by your national society or sub-specialty society. Half of the PAAO board are graduates of the Leadership course.

I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge by traveling to Latin America and personally observing the clinical settings and patient populations in different countries. The PAAO facilitates our ability to truly experience the work and ingenuity of our Latin American colleagues.
Richard L. Abbott, MD


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