Tribute to Dr. Fernando J. Arévalo-Coutinho

Dr. Fernando J. Arévalo-Coutinho (1928-1989)

In Memorial of Dr. Fernando J. Arévalo-Coutinho (1928-1989)

“At home, among many accolades, there was (and still is) a PAAO diploma recognizing my father as a member. I am sure that he never dreamed that many years later his playful son would become the president of our beloved association…

To my father, my first professor of ophthalmology, my friend, and my constant inspiration through all the steps of my life. In this 30th Anniversary of his early departure, you are always in our hearts.”


J. Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD FACS
February 2019

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  1. Fernando,

    As always, you have wonderful values. I’ll look forward to seeing you in Cancun.



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