Lo Mejor de la Academia en Español (The Best of the Academy in Spanish) is a constructive and critical review of what was presented during the Academy Annual Meeting.

There will be round tables and panels made up of Spanish-speaking ophthalmologists so that colleagues who attend return to their countries carrying the widest possible knowledge of what was seen and heard during the Academy.

We know it is difficult to absorb in four days the different scientific and technical aspects that are presented, sometimes simultaneously, so this summary of the Academy is held immediately afterward so colleagues from Latin American and Spain can get the most out of their travel time and budget.

The panels are made up of invited ophthalmologists but we consider every participant a panelist and hope that everyone who attends will have an active participation in discussions and round tables, for the benefit of all participants.


J. Fernando Arévalo MD (USA)


Roberto Gallego Pinazo MD (Spain)
Enrique Graue Hernández MD (Mexico)
Arturo Ramírez Miranda MD (Mexico)


McCormick Place West, Room 192
2301 S Martin Luther King Drive
ChicagoIL 60616
United States

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Online Registration

Non-Member: $80.00
PAAO/AAO Active Member: $50.00
Resident/Fellow: $30.00


Please note, the topics, times and speakers are subject to change.

7:00 AM – Inscripción (Registration)

8:00 AM – Bienvenida (Welcome) 
  J. Fernando Arévalo MD (USA)

8:05 AM – Oftalmología Pediátrica (Pediatric Ophthalmology)
  Hilda Capó MD (USA); Rosane Ferreira (Brazil/USA)

8:25 AM – Trauma Ocular (Ocular Trauma)
  Gregorio Gabela MD (Ecuador)

8:35 AM – Tumores Oculares (Ocular Tumors)
  Zelia M. Correa MD PhD (USA); Miguel Materin MD (USA)

8:55 AM – Catarata (Cataract)
  Moderador: Daniel Scorsetti (Argentina)
Panelistas: Jesús Arrieta Camacho MD (Mexico); Ashley Behrens MD (USA); José Antonio Claros MD (Mexico)

9:30 AM – Córnea (Cornea)
  Moderador: Enrique Graue Hernández (Mexico)
Panelistas: José Alejandro Claros MD (Mexico); Luis Izquierdo Jr. MD (Peru)

10:00 AM – Café (Coffee Break)

10:15 AM – Exhibición Comercial (Exhibits)
  Arturo Ramírez Miranda MD (Mexico)

10:30 AM – Retina (Retina)
  Moderador: Alejandro Lavaque MD (Argentina)
Panelistas: Rosa dolz-Marco MD (España); Armando Sandoval MD (Ecuador); Matko Vidosevich MD (Argentina)

11:20 AM – Patología Ocular (Ocular Pathology)
  Abelardo Rodriguez MD (Mexico)

11:35 AM – Dacriología y Superficie Ocular (Dacryology and Ocular Surface)
  Paulo E.C. Dantas MD (Brasil)

11:50 AM – Uveítis (Uveitis)
  Roberto Gallego-Pinazo MD (España)


12:00 PM – Intervalo para Almuerzo – no incluido (Lunch – not included)

1:20 PM – Neuroftalmología (Neuro Ophthalmology)
  Emely Karam MD (Venezuela/Uruguay)

1:40 PM – Glaucoma (Glaucoma)
  Monica Mayorga MD (Costa Rica); Luis Silva MD (Venezuela/USA)

2:20 AP– Baja Visión (Low Vision)
  Sylvina Conti MD (Argentina); Vania García (Bolivia)

2:30 PM – Vítreo-Retina (Vitreoretinal)
  Moderador: Valentina Franco-Cardenas MD (Mexico)
Panelistas: José A. Roca (Peru); Sergio Rojas MD (Mexico); Eduardo Uchiyama MD (USA)

3:20 PM – Café (Coffee Break)

3:35 PM – Cirugía Refractiva (Refractive Surgery)
  Moderador: Alejandro Navas MD (Mexico)
Panelistas: Arturo Ramírez Miranda MD (Mexico); Enrique Graue Hernández MD (Mexico)

4:30 PM – Retinopatía Diabética (Diabetic Retinopathy)
  José A. Roca MD (Peru)

4:45 PM – Cirugía Oculoplástica (Oculoplastic Surgery)
  Ximena Arze MD (Bolivia); Cesar A. Briceño MD (USA)

5:30 PM – Conclusión (End of Session) 



A PDF certificate of attendance will be available to registered attendees 15 days after the close of the meeting.

Please Note: Transportation is not provided for this meeting