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PACUPO - Pan-American Council of University Professors in Ophthalmology



The purpose of the Pan-American Council of University Professors in Ophthalmology is to set minimum standards for residency and training curriculum in Latin America. Additionally PACUPO is encouraged to foster international relationships and training programs through Young Visiting Professors Exchange Program.

PAAO Recommended Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Ophthalmology
revised 02/2013
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"Examen Práctico"
Traducción al español del fomato OCEX del Dr. Karl Golnik
Tool for assessing Residents On Call
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Programas de Formación de Especialista en Oftalmología (Residencias)
Ophthalmology Residency Training Programs
                                                                    revised 02/2008
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Curso Virtual de Oftalmología para Alumnos de Medicina                    revised 01/2011
Community Heath Program (suggested curriculum)                                   revised 09/2011
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ICO-OSCARS                                                                                       revised 02/2012
The International Council of Ophthalmology’s Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics (ICO-OSCAR) are designed to facilitate assessment and teaching of surgical skill. Surgical procedures are broken down to individual steps and each step is graded on a scale of novice, beginner, advanced beginner and competent. A description of the performance necessary to achieve each grade in each step is given. The assessor simply circles the observed performance description at each step of the procedure. The ICO- OSCAR should be completed at the end of the case and immediately discussed with the student to provide timely, structured, specific performance feedback. These tools were developed by panels of international experts and are valid assessments of surgical skill. These ICO-OSCAR:phaco and ECCE are intended for assessing residents competence in phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction. They were developed by Drs. Karl C. Golnik, Hilary Beaver, Vinod Gauba, Andrew G. Lee, Eduardo P. Mayorga, A. Gabriela Palis and George Saleh.
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ECCE English  ECCE Spanish 
Strabismus English  Estrabismo Spanish 


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