The Inaugural PAAO-YO program in Cancun

Jun 19, 2019Events

There is a lot to celebrate!

This year the Pan-American Congress of Ophthalmology meeting had a touch of innovation as the PAAO-YO Committee, lead by Drs. Camila Ventura and Jorge Fortun, launched the first PAAO-YO program in Cancun, Mexico. It was a huge success!  New scientific and social opportunities were included as a part of the program, aiming for more interaction among YOs from over 35 countries around the world.

This year we had lots of “firsts”:

The 1st J. Fernando Arévalo YO Award, given to Dr. Roberto Gallego-Pinazo was a landmark in PAAO history as it recognized Dr. Gallego-Pinazo for his contribution to science and leadership in his field.

first Fernando Arevalo YO award

We also had the 1st YO Lounge, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision, as one of the top hits of Cancun’s meeting. This innovation offered YOs not only a place to relax between talks but also a dynamic schedule full of short and interactive talks every day of the meeting.

Another highlight of this meeting was the 1st PAAO-YO Symposium. Fifty-three YOs from Latin America, USA, Canada, Portugal, and Spain were nominated by their country leaders to be delegates of the PAAO-YO and were invited to participate of the symposium. This activity was valued by YOs as it featured them in an official activity of the scientific program and gave them the opportunity to discuss their challenging cases.

We also highlight the 2nd Edition of the EyeBall, sponsored by Carl Zeiss, a networking and fundraising event for YOs. This time, the EyeBall was hosted at the veranda of the Hard Rock Café in Cancun and it surpassed all expectations! If every year it gets better, can you imagine what it will be like to have the EyeBall in Buenos Aires in two years? Stay tuned!

See more photos of YO events at the Congress.