The XXXIV Pan American Congress of Ophthalmology will be held at the Cancun Convention Center, Mexico, from May 25 to 29, 2019.

This will be the sixth time that our country is hosting the most important academic event in the Americas: in 1952 the Fourth Congress was held in Mexico City and later held in Acapulco (1981), Cancun (1997 and 2007), and Guadalajara (2015), the latter within the celebration of the XXXV World Congress of Ophthalmology.

Cancun is the ideal place for an event that year after year grows in attendance and interest: its convention center has facilities and spaces for events of up to ten thousand people, and its hotel capacity is one of the largest in Latin America. It has direct flights to more than forty cities in 16 countries of the American continent.

And of course, there are the attractions that Cancun offers visitors of all ages: beautiful white sand beaches and waters of a thousand colors, archaeological sites of great interest, excellent gastronomy and intense nightlife.

Mexican ophthalmologists are very happy with this opportunity to welcome our colleagues from all the countries, siblings, welcome.

Dr. Federico Graue     Dr. Guillermo Salcedo       Dr. Ricardo Trigo
Congress President    Congress Vice President   Coordinator, Scientific Program

Left to right: Dr. Alejandro Babayán. Congress Pro Secretary; Dr. René Cano, Congress Treasurer; Dr. Francisco Beltrán, Congress Pro Treasurer; Dr. Guillermo Salcedo, Congress Vice President; Dr. Luis Porfirio Orozco, Mexican Society of Ophthalmology President; Dr. Federico Graue W., Congress President; and Dr. Ricardo Trigo, Congress Scientific Program Coordinator.