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Important information

Speaker Application submission deadline: MAY 13, 2021

To be able to participate in PARD, you must have had a paper or poster accepted as a First Author in ARVO 2021.


Registration to the next PAAO Congress, March 17-20, 2023 in Buenos Aires AND $250 USD cash!

The best three works in each group will receive a prize.  **



*First authors who have been selected to present their work at PARD will be considered for a prize.

Six (6) prizes total:  three (3) for the Anterior Segment Group on July 10 and three (3) for the Posterior Segment group on July 17.

First authors MUST present their work at the given PARD session to be considered for a prize.  No substitutions.

There won’t be any geography limits on the first authors to be considered to receive a prize; Age limit of 40 to be considered to receive a prize.

The judges for the top three prizes will be the PARD Organizing Committee.

The three winners of the prizes will be announced at the end of each session. The $250 cash prize will be disbursed by electronic bank transfer within thirty (30) days after the given PARD session. Prize winners will receive a receipt confirmation for their Congress registration (this registration is not transferable).