Saturday, 22 April 2023

Program is in Lecture Room A (1st floor), LSU Medical Education Building

first Half

10am – 2pm

Central time zone (New Orleans)

10:00- 10:10 Welcome Remarks by Lihteh Wu MD
10:10- 10:15 Nicolas Bazan MD PhD (USA)
Introduction of the 1st Chancellor Award Lecture
10:15- 10:30 Paulo E.C. Dantas MD PhD (Brazil)
Chancellor Award Lecture: “Management of ocular cicatricial diseases of the eye: Past, present and future”
10:30- 10:35 Q&A
10:35- 10:40 Germán Bianchi MD (Argentina)
Evaluation of vault in eyes with and without cysts after posterior chamber phakic lens implantation.
10:40- 10:45 David Rodriguez MD (Mexico)
Current state of scientific research of potential pterygium biomarkers: a bibliometric analysis
10:45- 10:50 Marco Brugnera Master Degree in Pharmacy  (Spain)
One Single Eye Drop of Liposomes with Mucoadhesive Polymer Extends Hypotensive Effect of Latanoprost Compared to Marketed Formulation
10:50- 10:55 Itamar Vigderovich  (Mexico)
Keratoconus stability after treatment with corneal cross-linking according to the Amsler-Krumeich classification
10:55- 11:00 Alberto Castillo MD (Mexico)
Ocular surface platelet-rich plasma membranes: setting preparation conditions
11:00- 11:05 Jorge Domene Hickman MD (Mexico)
Corneal biomechanical changes in a family carrying the TGFBI p.Ala546Asp pathogenic variant with granular corneal dystrophy type 2 phenotype
11:05- 11:10 Daniela Fabregas-Sanchez-Woodworth MD (Mexico)
Corneal Biomechanical Metrics by Corvis ST in a Healthy Mexican Population
11:10- 11:15
11:15- 11:20 Naomi Zatarain Barrón MD (Mexico)
Surgical Indications and Outcomes of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Ocular Surface Diseases
11:20- 11:25 Luis Haro-Morlett MD (Mexico)
Effect of Amniotic-membrane-derived lumican on cell migration and proliferation of human corneal epithelial cells
11:25 11:30
11:30- 11:35 Katiana Flores Nucamendi MD (Mexico)
Antifibrotic activity of Siempreviva sap for potential pterygium treatment
11:35- 11:40 Tatiana Suarez-Cortes PhD (Spain)
The new once-daily multidose preservative-free 0.6% bilastine eye drop formulation containing sodium hyaluronate preserves ocular surface integrity and tear film homeostasis in a comparative in vivo study.
11:40 11:45 André Bando MD (Brazil)
Correlation Between Risk of Fall and Glaucomatous Visual Field Defects
11:45- 11:50 Nicolas Bazan MD PhD (USA)
Introduction of the 2nd Chancellor Award Lecture
11:50- 12:05 Fernando Arevalo MD PhD (USA)
Chancellor Award Lecture: “Real World Data: What if Diabetic Retinopathy Patients are Lost to Follow-Up?”
12:05- 12:10 Q&A
12:10- 12:15 Francisco Javier Valentín Bravo MD, PhD student, FEBOphth  (Spain)
First-in-human simultaneous multiwavelength ultra-widefield (MW-UWF) fundus fluorescein (FFA) and indocyanine green (ICG) angiography with navigated central and peripheral swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) imaging
12:15- 12:20 Virginia Mares MD MSc (Brazil)
AI-based retinal fluid monitoring correlated with automated photoreceptor loss quantification in neovascular AMD in the Fight Retinal Blindness! registry
12:20- 12:25
12:25- 12:30 Emmanuel Issa Nassrallah BSc (Canada)
Drusen quantification in post-mortem eyes implanted with or without blue-light filtering intraocular lenses
12:30- 12:35 Victor Araujo BSc (Brazil)
Double thermal cauterization of the limbal plexus as an inducible model of glaucoma in rats
12:35- 12:40 Laura Prieto Domínguez MD (Spain)
Virtual monitoring of macular function with artificial intelligence in diabetic patients.
12:40- 12:45 Lia Huo BSc (Canada)
Sustained Release of Sh3-RdCVF to Rescue Cone Photoreceptor Death
12:45- 12:50
12:50- 12:55 Luis Nakayama MD (Brazil)
Pixel Snow and Differential Privacy in Retinal fundus photos de-identification
12:55- 1:00 Alaa Tayyib MD (Canada)
Characterization of the Retinal Phenotype in PYGM-related McArdle Disease
1:00- 1:05 Kavin Selvan BMSc  (Canada)
Validating Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Adolescents with Inherited Retinal Diseases
1:05- 1:10 Mohamed Abdouh PhD (Canada)
Characterization of uveal melanoma-derived EV protein cargo for the determination of new therapeutic targets
1:10- 1:15 Alicia Goyeneche PhD (Canada)
Delineating three-dimensional behavior of uveal melanoma cells under anchorage independent or dependent methods
1:15- 1:20 María Vaglienti  (Argentina)
1:20- 1:25 Thais Andrade MD (Brazil)
Minimum rim width and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders, glaucoma and healthy controls
1:25- 1:30 Catalina Becerra-Revollo MD (Mexico)
Doppler ultrasound features of intraocular tumors
1:30- 2:00  Coffee Break

Second Half

2 pm – 6pm

Central time zone (New Orleans)

2:00- 2:05 Rubens Belfort Jr. MD PhD (Brazil)
Introduction of Keynote Lecture
2:05- 2:20 Dr. Haydee Bazan PhD (USA)
Keynote Lecture: “Novel RvD6 isomer promotes cornea nerve regeneration displaying a trigeminal transcriptome signature”
2:20- 2:25 Q&A
2:25- 2:30
2:30- 2:35 Guillermo Vera MD (Mexico)
Refractive outcomes of posterior chamber phakic (Spheric and toric implantable Collamer lens) intraocular lens implantation with a central port design.
2:35- 2:40
2:40- 2:45 Leyla Reyna Heredia MD (Mexico)
Visual outcomes and complications in posterior lamellar transplants in a reference center
2:45- 2:50 Rosa Alvarado-Villacorta MD (Spain)
Allogeneic immunosafe plasma rich in growth factors as an alternative therapy in patients with refractory ocular surface disorders
2:50- 2:55 Daniel Bastán-Fabián MD (Mexico)
Facial Palsy and the Ocular Surface: Epidemiology, Tear Film, and Meibomian gland alteration analysis.
2:55- 3:00 Afonso Lima-Cabrita MD (Portugal)
AI in Hospital-Based Remote Glaucoma Screening: Outcomes in a Real World Setting
3:00- 3:05
3:05- 3:10 Marcela Huertas-Bello MD (Colombia)
Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect of genipin in a rabbit model of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis
3:10- 3:15 Luis Felipe Palomino De Anda MD (Mexico)
Two-year outcomes in pediatric corneal crosslinking
3:15- 3:20 Rossen Hazarbassanov MD PhD (Brazil)
The suitability of color histogram-based features for keratoconus detection from corneal thickness with and neural networks.
3:20- 3:25 Emely Marcotte BSc (Canada)
Discovering the pathogenesis of cancer dissemination: The role of dual nature – hybrid cells in Uveal Melanoma
3:25- 3:30 Gustavo Gameiro MD (Brazil)
Hemifacial Spasm: gene expression and immunohistochemical analysis
3:30- 3:35 William Rojas-Carabali MD (Colombia)
Increased Risk for Dry Eye Disease in Children with Uveitis: A Case-Control Study
3:35- 3:40 Nicolas Bazan MD PhD (USA)
Introduction of the 3rd Chancellor Award Lecture
3:40-  3:55 Rubens Belfort Jr. MD PhD (Brazil)
Chancellor Award Lecture: “Implications of the COVID Eye Infection: Historic approach and the importance of the translational research”
3:55- 4:00 Q&A
4:00- 4:05 Alexia Vereertbrugghen  (Argentina)
A Th1-skewed immune response in the ocular surface favors corneal nerve damage
4:05- 4:10
4:10- 4:15 Guillermo Salcedo-Villanueva MD (Mexico)
Comparison of 10% and 25% Fluorescein for Oral Retinal Fluorescein Angiography
4:15- 4:20 Julian Garcia-Sanchez MD (Mexico)
Minimal Image Gain as an objective measurement for vitreous hemorrhages: Comparison of resolved versus persistent VH
4:20- 4:25 Printha Wijesinghe BSc, MSc, PhD  (Canada)
Ergothioneine improves Aβ clearance in the neuroretina of a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
4:25- 4:30 Melina del Papa PharmD (Argentina)
Sodium hyaluronate improves corneal reinnervation and epithelial healing in an in vivo BAK-induced toxicity model
4:30- 4:35 Juan Salvador Calanni MSc, PhD student  (Argentina)
4:35- 4:40 Salvador Pastor MD PhD (Spain)
Tp53 Arg72Pro polymorphism is associated with the expression of apoptosis-related genes in the human retina after retinal detachment
4:40- 4:45 Isabela Martins Melo MD (Canada)
Bacillary Layer Detachment in the Pathophysiology of Macular Hole in Fovea-off Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
4:45- 4:50 Siddharth Nath MD PhD (Canada)
Association of retinal bioparameters and periodontal disease: a cross-sectional analysis from the UK Biobank cohort
4:50- 4:55 Mélanie Hébert MD MSc (Canada)
Applying a new Classification of Ophthalmological Complications to the Protocol AB study
4:55- 5:00 Adam Forman PhD (Canada)
Injectable and Biodegradable Vitreous Substitute
5:00- 5:05 Yosra Er-reguyeg Medical Student (Canada)
Lamellar Macular Hole Surgery: Anatomical and Functional Outcomes
5:05- 5:10 Eunice You MD MSc (Canada)
Comparing treatments for chronic central serous chorioretinopathy: a systematic review with network meta-analyses
5:10- 5:15 Bani Antonio-Aguirre MD MPH (USA)
Effect of phakic status on residual peripheral visual islands in patients with retinitis pigmentosa
5:15- 5:20
5:20- 5:25 Fernando Malerbi MD PhD (Brazil)
Point-of-care Diabetic Retinopathy screening with a low-cost portable retinal camera, artificial intelligence and staged mydriasis in a rural, underserved area
5:25- 5:30 Gulcenur Ozturan MD, FEBO, FICO  (Canada)
Training ophthalmologists on novel retinal characteristics uncovered using artificial intelligence
5:30- 5:35 Rubens Belfort Jr. MD PhD
Introduction of Keynote Speaker
5:35-  5:50 Nicolas Bazan, MD PhD (USA)
Keynote Lecture: “Rod-specific downregulation of omega-3 very-long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid pathway in age-related macular degeneration”
5:50- 6:00 Program ends, Final Comments and Awards Presentation
6:00 Reception (for registered attendees only)