PAAO President’s Message

September 2021

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

“Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.”

– Mark Twain

As I have often said before, collaboration and partnerships can make us stronger and more efficient. This was seen with the APAO & PAAO partnership in the 36th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) 2021 congress. I was honored to be able to record a welcome message in the APAO’s opening ceremony on behalf of the PAAO. Paulo Dantas and I also had the privilege to chair and lecture at the PAAO symposium entitled “What is Hot in the Americas 2021″, on September 11. We had a series of interesting presentations from some of the best leaders in the field. It was an excellent symposium and the PAAO was proud to be part of the APAO 2021 Congress.

I was also honored to be invited for an interview with Cake Magazine from the APAO to discuss finding synergies in ophthalmic education between the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. We discussed important topics and ways that Asia Pacific and the Americas can work together in improving our patient care, teaching and research, as well as excellent examples of how the PAAO is heavily involved.
Cake Interview video link:

The month of October is upon us. It is a big planning month for the PAAO. We have important Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings throughout the month. These meetings give us all the opportunity to come together and take the time to review our previous year, plan our future years and other relevant discussions. We look forward to keeping you all updated on our plans and results from these meetings.

We are also eager to celebrate the graduating class of the Curso de Liderazgo in October as well. We wish them the best as they continue in their leadership positions, to work together with them and their societies and look forward to watching them apply the skills learned in this course.

Please stay safe and remember to lead with kindness while working together.

With best wishes,
Miguel N. Burnier Jr., MD, MSc, PhD, FRCSC
PAAO President