PAAO President’s Message

September 2020

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We should join the PAAO for three main reasons: the three E’s. Education, Enlightenment, and Enjoyment.
– Dr. Carol Shields

On September 10th, almost two weeks ago, I had the privilege of being the moderator of the PAAO-YO webinar. It was a great experience to share the virtual conference with the young leaders of the PAAO-YO from 5 different countries. First, let me thank Camila Ventura, from Brazil, who has been crucial for the development of the PAAO-YO program, for her kind invitation.

My first pleasant surprise was to meet, for the first time, Eduardo Viteri Jr. MD, from Ecuador, who oversaw the technical support for this event, following in the steps of his father Eduardo Viteri Coronel MD. Once again, Ecuador was very well represented. The webinar was technically impeccable throughout the different presentations.

The webinar itself had four speakers who were introduced by Nicolas Crim MD, from Argentina, who acted as the Master of Ceremony. Nicolas also listed several past and future PAAO-YO projects in his presentation.

Jorge Fortun MD, from the USA, gave a wonderful presentation regarding our next PAAO Congress that will take place in Buenos Aries, Argentina, between the 13th and the 16th of April 2022. Jorge described the new activities that have been planned by the members of the PAAO-YO, including workshops, lectures, and, of course, social activities.

Sandra Belalcazar MD, from Colombia, spoke about the leadership course, and the positive effect it had on her professional and personal life. Sandra demonstrated her wonderful teaching and leadership skills during her presentation.

Julian Venero Fité MD, from Argentina, presented the PAAO Mentorship Program. He spoke brilliantly about the positive influence that his own mentors had had on him, and the importance of this PAAO program for the young members.

On a personal note, this webinar was one of the most important I ever participated in as the President of the PAAO. Seeing and listening to these young leaders and rising stars assured me that the PAAO will always be in very capable hands. The webinar ended with a wonderful video by my friend and colleague Dr. Carol Shields, where we all learned about the three E’s.  I encourage everyone to see it on the PAAO’s website at

After this wonderful PAAO-YO webinar, I would like Carol to consider that the PAAO is the Five-E’s society adding to Education, Enlightenment, and Enjoyment two more E’s, for Energy and Enthusiasm. Energy and Enthusiasm are clearly noticeable in the hearts and minds of the members of the PAAO-YO program.  For more PAAO-YO information, please go to


Miguel N. Burnier Jr. MD MSc PhD
PAAO, President