Message from the PAOF Chair

Aug 26, 2020From the PAOF Chair

Dear Colleagues:

We are still facing the challenge of the pandemic.  In North America, schools and universities are starting up again.  We must continue to move forward, and I am confident that we will successfully come through this pandemic if we stay positive and collectively help and support each other.

One lesson that we have all learned is that we can face these challenges better when there is global sharing of knowledge. We need to develop our capacity and capability to work collaboratively and without borders.  We must deliver the best of ourselves to help others to fulfill their potential, particularly the younger generation.

We need to develop a new form of leadership skills – a type of leadership that inspires others to move forward.  This leadership must include initiatives that promote the development of others.  By helping one another, we all move forward.  These leadership skills must be passed down to the younger generations to carry the global community forward.

The Pan-American is a wonderful vehicle to experience and learn these skills.  The Pan-American offers scholarships, and partnering with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, we offer an excellent leadership training program.

Please contact me at [email protected]I invite you to continue supporting the Pan-American mission of continuing education, prevention of blindness and cultural exchange any way you can.  It is because of your donations that make these impactful programs possible.  We need to plant the seeds today to be able to harvest them tomorrow.


Jorge E. Valdez MD PhD
President, Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation (PAOF)