Message from the PAOF Chair

May 27, 2020From the PAOF Chair, PAOF

Dear Colleagues,

During this time of COVID-19, most of us are still in quarantine or some level of sheltering-in-place. This gives us an opportunity for reflection on our purpose in life: not just clinical but more importantly our purpose in life as human beings.

Helping others during this time is a very good purpose which could lead us to transcend our lives. We may not be able to physically help one another but, now with modern technology, we can help each other in a multitude of “virtual” ways.

Be sure to reach out to your family and friends by phone or some other electronic device. Particularly be sure to contact your parents and other seniors because physical visits haven’t been allowed for those who have to shelter-in-place or, in the cases of those who are in care facilities, where family visits are not allowed. Depression is striking our seniors. Be sure to call or send a text to your senior family members, friends and colleagues often. Just a phone call does wonders to lift the spirits.

And with our colleagues, online education is the easiest vehicle to be able to transform our lives. Right now, there are hundreds of quality webinars available for free or for very low costs. I recommend the Pan-American’s Virtual International Symposium series. Every Monday afternoon, there is a 90-minute symposium featuring the leaders in the given subspecialty field, for no cost. For more information please go to or contact the eLearning Chair, Eduardo Mayorga at e[email protected]. Continuing education adds value to our lives.

For our Young Ophthalmologists in the Americas and throughout the world, the Pan-American has launched programs for PAAO-YO’s which features webinars and other virtual networking opportunities. Please contact the PAAO-YO’s co-chair, Camila Ventura, at [email protected].

Now more than ever, we appreciate the Pan-American’s mission of education. Even during these difficult times of COVID-19, the Pan-American strives to keep us all connected via continuing education or just reaching out to our members of the Pan-American family.

Please receive our wishes that you are well and continue to stay safe. We wish you well!

Jorge E. Valdez MD PhD
PAOF Chair of the Board