Message from the PAOF Chair

Apr 29, 2020From the PAOF Chair, PAOF

Dear Colleagues,


We are finishing another month of the COVID-19 challenge.  For most of us, our practices are greatly reduced.  The experts say that the best way to face this time of challenge is to reach out to build bridges among our family, friends, and colleagues.  We need to be creative in a collective way to share our ideas and our resources.  We are fortunate, with modern technologies, this act of “building virtual bridges” becomes easier.

We must continue to feed our minds and online continuing education is a good way to do that.  The Pan-American’s E-Learning Program is launching high quality webinars virtually every week.  We hope you are taking advantage of this time to go to our Campus PAAO at to see the wide of variety of topics.  Please let us know if you would like to donate your time and collaborate on a PAAO webinar.

We must focus on the positive things, however small. We must focus on moving forward and trying to help those who are encountering even more difficult circumstances.

We wish you well!

Jorge E. Valdez MD PhD
PAOF Chair of the Board