November Message from the PAOF Chair

Nov 25, 2019eVision, From the PAOF Chair, PAOF

Dear Colleagues:

Pan-American Research Day provides an opportunity for ophthalmologists and other vision researchers from around the world to present their work. For many, it is the first time to present their research to an international forum. These experiences can expose PARD participants to diverse methods and enhance resource allocation in challenging settings and foster cultural exchange and awareness sensitivity. For many, this is a life-changing experience.

Pan-American Research Day was founded in 2002 by Dr. Rubens Belfort Jr. of Brazil. His goal was to provide a research forum for young researchers and ophthalmologists from the Americas, Spain, and Portugal. Today PARD partners with the Association for Vision and Research in Ophthalmology (ARVO) and it has grown from 40 participants to nearly 200 per year. We also take a moment to thank Allergan International for their support of this important meeting.

Educational and cultural exchange are core to the Pan-American mission. It is our goal to open these opportunities up to as many participants as possible through Travel Grants and Scholarships. Currently, we have four travel grants to attend the Pan-American Research Day from the Allergan Foundation and the David & Molly Pyott Foundation. We thank these two Foundations for their generous support.

Now we would like to grow from four travel grants to offer 20 travel grants to attend our annual PARD meeting. We appeal for your help. Please contact Teresa Bradshaw at [email protected] at the PAAO/PAOF Administrative Office for more information.

International exposure at Pan-American meetings enhances each step of traditional physician training, from medical school through residency, fellowship and beyond.

Please contact us if you are interested in creating a new PARD Travel Grant opportunity!

Best regards,


Jorge E. Valdez MD PhD

Chair,  Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation