Troutman-Véronneau Prize

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The Troutman Véronneau Prize was established in 1993 to recognize the best work submitted by an ophthalmologist under the age of 45, alternating between cornea and strabismus. The winner receives a $10,000 prize and presents the winning paper at the PAAO congresses. The Troutman-Véronneau Prize has been established by Richard C. Troutman, MD, and Suzanne Véronneau, MD, of New York City.

Guidelines and Application form

2023 Application Deadline: November 8, 2022

Online Application form

List of Historical Recipients

2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Recipient: Marcela Huertas Bello MD (Colombia)
Title: The therapeutic potential of Genipin corneal crosslinking in a Fusarium Solani species keratitis Ex vivo Model
2019 Cancun, Mexico
Recipient: Cristian M. Salgado Alarcon MD (Chile)
Title: Histological changes in inferior oblique muscle in humans with fourth cranial nerve palsy and secondary inferior oblique overaction: A stereological study
2017 Lima, Peru
Recipient: Juan Carlos Serna Ojeda MD MSc (Mexico)
Title: Análisis de los resultados a corto plazo del trasplante alogénico de células troncales expandidas in vitro con fenotipo ABCB5+/p63+ en pacientes con deficiencia bilateral de células de limbo
2015 Bogotá, Colombia
Recipient: María Carolina Ortube MD (Argentina)
Title: Fusion after Treatment of Patients with Acquired Strabismus due to Brain Lesions
2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Recipient: Balamurali Krishna Ambati MD PhD MBA (USA)
Title: Raver2 Preserves Corneal Avascularity by Inhibiting Splicing of the VEGF Decoy Receptor sFlt1
2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Recipient: Bruna Lana Ducca MD (Brazil)
Title: Measurement of the Ocular Torsion Variation After Superior Oblique Tenectomy
2009 San Francisco, California (none)
2007 Cancún, Mexico
Recipient: Vanesa Macedo Batista Fiorelli MD (Brazil)
Title: Intermittent Exotropia: Comparative Surgical Results of Lateral Recti-Recession and Monocular Recess-Resect
2005 Santiago, Chile
Recipient: Rocío Carolina Gutiérrez C. MD (Venezuela)
Title: Cultivo de células epiteliales limbales en membrana amniótica humana en el tratamiento de las quemaduras corneales por alcali
2003 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Recipient: Maria Estela Arroyo Llanes, MD (Mexico)
Title: Tratamiento de la Desviación Vertical Disociada (DVD) espontánea con la penalización farmacológica del ojo fijador
2001 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Recipient: José A. Gomes, MD (Brazil)
Title: Efeito do hialuronato de sódio (HS) na migração e proliferação das células do épitelio de córnea humana
1999 Orlando, Florida
Recipient: Jonathan C. Horton, MD (USA)
Title: Metabolic Mapping Suppression Scotomas in Striate Cortex of Macaques with Experimental Strabismus
1997 Cancún, México
Recipient: Peter McDonnell, MD (USA)
Title: Effects of Gene Transfer into Keratocytes on Corneal Wound Healing after Excimer Laser Keratectomy
1995 Quito, Ecuador
Recipient: William Lavin, MD (USA)
Title: Evaluation of the Microsurgical Technique of Anterior Ciliary Artery Preservation during Strabismus Surgery
1993 Caracas, Venezuela
Recipient: John D. Gottsch, MD (Baltimore, MD, USA)
Title: Mooren’s Ulcer After Penetrating Keratoplasty: Evidence of a New Graft Rejection Process” — FIRST PRIZE AWARDED