Gradle Medal for Good Teaching

The Power of the Pan-American Network
The Gradle Medal for Good Teaching was established in 1960 by Mrs. Audry Hayden Gradle in memory of Harry S. Gradle, MD, co-founder of the PAAO. The Gradle Medal for Teaching acknowledges excellence in teaching and education in the field of ophthalmology. This award recognizes a professor ophthalmologist who has demonstrated leadership in developing, implementing, or maintaining an outstanding training program and/or continuing education in the field of Ophthalmology. The awardee exemplifies excellence and promotes best practice in education. The awardee promotes positive relationships between the training program and the community and has been an advocate and leader in the field of Ophthalmology.

List of Historical Recipients

2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina Francisco Contreras MD (Peru)
2019 Cancun, Mexico Denise de Freitas MD (Brazil)
2017 Lima, Peru eLearning Committee:
Helena Prior Filipe MD MSc (Portugal)
Eduardo Mayorga MD (Argentina)
Eduardo Viteri Coronel MD (Ecuador)
2015 Bogotá, Colombia Enrique Graue Wiechers MD (Mexico)
2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Newton Kara José MD (Brazil)
2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina Rubens Belfort Jr MD (Brazil)
2009 San Francisco, California Hugo D. Nano MD (Argentina)
& Albert Vaiser MD (USA)
2007 Cancun, Mexico Bradley R. Straatsma MD (USA)
2006 São Paulo, Brazil Miguel Burner Jr. MD (Canada)
2005 Santiago, Chile Harley A. Bicas MD (Brazil)
2003 San Juan, Puerto Rico 4 Basic Sciences Course Directors
Mario Perez Genovesi MD (Argentina); Ana Petrili MD (Brazil)
William Townsend MD (Puerto Rico); Carlos Vera Cristo MD (Colombia)
2001 Buenos Aires, Argentina Carlos A. Moreira Sr, MD (Brazil)
1999 Orlando, Florida Ramon Font, MD (USA)
1997 Cancún, México Manuel Miranda Sr., MD (Puerto Rico)
1995 Quito, Ecuador William Townsend, MD (Puerto Rico)
1993 Caracas, Venezuela Robert N. Shaffer, MD (USA)
1991 Anaheim, California Aldolfo Gómez Morales, MD (Argentina)
1989 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Raul Rodríguez Barrios, MD (Uruguay)
1987 Sto. Domingo, Dom. Rep. Juan Verdaguer Taradella, MD (Chile)
1985 New Orleans, Louisiana Bruce E. Spivey, MD (USA)
1983 Lima, Peru Carlos Vera Cristo, MD (Colombia)
1981 Acapulco, Mexico Feliciano Palomino Dena, MD (Mexico)
1979 Miami, Florida A. Edward Maumenee, MD (USA)
1977 Santiago, Chile Hilton Rocha, MD (Brazil)
1975 San Juan, Puerto Rico Guillermo Picó Santiago, MD (Puerto Rico)
1972 Houston, Texas Michael J. Hogan, MD (USA)
1968 Mar del Plata, Argentina John Harry King, MD (USA)
1964 Montreal, Canada Juan Arentsen S., MD (Chile)
1960 Caracas, Venezuela Brittain F. Payne, MD (USA)