The A. Edward Maumenee Medal for Disgtinguished Services

The Power of the Pan-American Network
Established in 1983, the Pan-American Medal for Distinguished Services Award is presented at Pan-American congresses to individuals who have provided exemplary service to the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology for continuing education for ophthalmologists, the prevention of blindness and the promotion of scientific and cultural exchange among ophthalmologists in the Western Hemisphere. The name change took place in 1999 to honor A. Edward Maumenee, MD, for his extensive contribution to the Pan-American cause, making the award to be the A. Edward Maumenee Medal for Distinguished Services. Click here for the historical list of recipients.

List of Historical Recipients

2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina Rafael Sánchez-Fontán MD (Mexico)
2019 Cancun, Mexico J. Bronwyn Bateman MD (USA)
Bradley R. Straatsma MD JD (USA)
2017 Lima, Peru William De La Peña MD (USA)
Bruce Spivey MD (USA)
2015 Bogotá, Colombia Cristián Luco MD (Chile)
2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Nelson R.A. Marques (Brazil)
2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina Richard L. Abbott MD (USA)
2009 San Francisco, California Michael W. Brennan MD (USA)
2007 Cancún, Mexico Francisco Contreras Campos MD (Peru)
2006 São Paulo, Brazil Juan Verdaguer Taradella MD (Chile)
2005 Santiago, Chile Paul R. Lichter MD (USA)
2003 San Juan, Puerto Rico Lions Clubs International Foundation
2001 Buenos Aires, Argentina Enrique Malbran Sr.  MD (Argentina)
1999 Orlando, Florida H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr.  MD (USA)
1997 Cancún, México Rubens Belfort Jr. MD (Brazil)
1995 Quito, Ecuador T.R.G. Sear (USA)
1993 Caracas, Venezuela Rafael Cordero Moreno MD (Venezuela)
1991 Anaheim, California William C. Conner (USA)
1989 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rubens Belfort Mattos Sr. MD (Brazil)
1987 Sto. Domingo, Domican Rep. Eduardo Arenas Archila MD (Colombia)
1985 New Orleans, Louisiana USA Robert C. Drews MD (USA)
1983 Lima, Peru Rafael González Sirit MD (Venezuela)