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PAAO President’s Message

February 2020

“I am staying home. Please wash your hands very carefully and respect the distance of at least 2 meters from one another. We need to take care of ourselves, our families and in particular of our elderly friends.”
~Roger Federer

Dr. Juan Verdaguer Tarradella (1934-2020)

On February 25, 2020, Dr. Juan Verdaguer Tarradella passed away following a long illness. Below are a few memories …

PAAO President’s Message

February 2020

In order to be a great clinician, one needs to understand the pathological mechanisms that leads to the signs and symptoms of a given disease in a particular patient.
–Lorenz Zimmerman

Gillingham Fellowship Experience: Dr. Julia de Lima Farah

Along with pursuing a Retina fellowship, the possibility of training abroad was a big dream. I decided to take my chances and applied for an international vitreo-retinal fellowship in Canada…

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Message from the PAOF Chair

Dear Colleagues, We are in the grips of COVID-19.  Who could have imagined a month ago that this novel Corona Virus would have swept the world with such ruthless efficiency. This brings to mind the ever-increasing importance of the Power of the Pan-American, a...

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Message from the PAOF Chair

My Dear Colleagues, The Pan-American has a rich tradition of cultural and educational exchange. One of our earliest programs in the Pan-American history was the “Visiting Professor” where an expert would spend a month travelling around to different training centers to...

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Message from the PAOF Chair

My Dear Colleagues, This is a special year for the world of Ophthalmology:  2020.  I remember I was finishing fellowship training and my professors were talking about the World Health Organization (WHO) launching an ambitious program in 1999 called Vision 2020.  The...

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The mission of the Pan-American Association
of Ophthalmology is the prevention of blindness through lifelong education and cultural exchange among ophthalmologists in the Western Hemisphere.

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The Power of The Pan-American Network

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