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The Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation

The Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation (PAOF) was founded 1959 by Dr. Brittain F. Payne, Dr. J. Wesley McKinney, Dr. James H. Allen, Dr. Algernon B. Reese, and Dr. A. Edward Maumenee of the United States to support the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) and its educational programs. The PAOF is a 501 (c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. Financial information is available upon request by contacting the PAAO/PAOF Administrative Office.

The PAAO is dedicated to the prevention of blindness through lifelong education and cultural exchange among ophthalmologists in the Western Hemisphere.

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I. Fellowships / Scholarships / Observerships

1. Basic Sciences Courses

2. Gillingham Pan-American Fellowship

3. Latin American/PAAO Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship

4. Tim and Judith Sear Scholarship

5. Visiting Professors Program

6. PAAO / ARVO Travel Awards

II. Pan-American Association of Eye Banks (APABO)

The PAOF has been supportive of the Pan-American Association of Eye Banks (APABO). APABO's mission is to educate and improve the level of eye banking in Latin America. Click here to visit the APABO websiite. http://www.apaboeyebanks.org/

PAAO Main Office - 1301 S Bowen Road #450 - Arlington TX 76013 USA
Tel: 817-275-7553 Fax: 817-275-3961 Email: info@paao.org