Message from the PAOF Chair

Aug 27, 2019eVision, From the PAOF Chair, PAOF

Dear Colleagues:

In my experience, all the peoples of the Americas are very generous and supportive. We need to create a Pan-American culture of giving. We have the unique capability of setting the example for the rest of the community.

We all can contribute in many ways. We can support financially, and we can volunteer our time in support of community service. All efforts are important, big or small. One person can, indeed, make a difference.

There is a direct benefit when we participate in the Pan-American culture of giving. When we donate to support education, this strengthens our ophthalmological community and improves patient care. Strategically planned giving helps to strengthen our leadership, voice and influence as members of society. When we focus our support, it helps to bring attention to our community and our needs.

My sense is that in Latin America there is a feeling of cautiousness because of the possible corruption that may prevail in some institutions of our region. I would venture to say that there is a sense of distrust of philanthropic vehicles.

We must not fall prey to distrust but we must choose carefully that which we support. The Pan-American is a careful steward of all funds received. 100% of your donation goes to your designated project. The Pan-American Foundation absorbs all administrative expenses.

We need to create more scholarships and professorships to offer a strong platform of superior education and patient care. Please consider donating to one of the many Pan-American educational programs.

Now is the time to look forward and prepare the next generations of medical practitioners. They will be taking care of us when we are seniors and they will be taking care of our children and our children’s children. Now is the time to act.


Jorge E. Valdez MD PhD

Chair,  Pan-American Ophthalmological Foundation