Message from the PAOF Chair.

Jan 29, 2019eVision, From the PAOF Chair, PAOF

My Dear Colleagues,

The Pan-American exists to provide continuing education and training for the development and advancement of Ophthalmology. We offer several scholarships, training programs and venues to encourage our PAAO Young Ophthalmologists (PAAO -YO). We have two meetings coming up soon that will be featuring our PAAO-YO.

On Saturday, April 27, we will be having the 2019 Pan-American Research Day in Vancouver, Canada. We are partnering with ARVO and the University of British Colombia to provide a great day of research presentations. We thank Allergan for their sponsorship. Without this support, this meeting could not take place. We will be offering the Arno Habicht Awards for Research and the David & Molly Pyott Travel Award to our young ophthalmologists. Please note the March 15 deadline for participation in this meeting and it is the same deadline for the prizes and awards application forms.

On May 25-28, we will be having the 34th Pan-American Congress of Ophthalmology in Cancun, Mexico. To promote talented young ophthalmologists who are starting their careers in academia or as a clinician scientist, our PAAO President, Fernando Arevalo MD, has just founded the J. Fernando Arevalo Young Ophthalmologist Award. The deadline for submission for this and all the Cancun prizes and awards is February 15. Next month we will share more information on other PAAO-YO activities in Cancun.

It is vital to invest in the future of Ophthalmology. Please help by buying tickets to attend the PAAO-YO EyeBall Party on May 26 in Cancun or the PAOF Gala on May 27. I invite you to join us in the Circle of Vision comprised of our visionary leaders who make generous donations annually to the Pan-American Foundation. 100% of your donation goes to supporting our educational programs. For more information, please see

Best regards,
Dr. Jorge Valdez
PAOF Chair of the Board