Dr. Eduardo Arenas (1938-2023)

Sep 13, 2023Announcement, Obituaries

In Memoriam: Dr. Eduardo Arenas

I received the sad news that my dear friend, advisor and corneal procedure innovator, Dr. Eduardo Arenas has passed away. His always innovative and impactful ideas helped shape much of what we do today in restoring our patients’ sight. He was also a gentleman in life.

I had the great privilege of enjoying many moments of conversation, exchanging ideas and laughter with him and his beloved Alexandra Mieth. The last time was in Cartagena, where we had fun at Café Havana and then on a boat trip around Cartagena Bay.

The body of my dear friend and teacher Eduardo Arenas is gone, yet his ideas, innovative spirit and extreme generosity will remain with us forever.

Sad to hear of his loss. May he now rest in peace.


Dr. Paulo E.C. Dantas
PAAO President


Dr. Eduardo Arenas Archila

Lo Mejor 2016. Dr. Arenas recognized for 25 years as a Lo Mejor speaker.
(left to right): Dr. Fernando Arevalo (USA), Dr. Lihteh Wu (Costa Rica), Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia), Dr. Hugo Nano (Argentina)
Another giant of our PAAO left us! Eduardo Arenas was a true friend and a “panamericanista” for many decades! He will always be upon us in our hearts. Eduardo was very creative and was always coming up with ideas for new techniques. He never gave up on finding a “better way”….I got to know him early on in my career when I met him as a fellow in Colombia in 1992-1993. My wife, Oly, was his fellow at Fundacion Santa Fe and he treated us like family! PAAO and Cornea were his true love, and we all loved him. He excelled at everything he did and inspired generations of those of us fortunate enough to know him well.

We will miss you dear friend!

Dr. Fernando Arevalo
PAAO President 2019-2021; PAOF Chair 2021-2024
Director, Lo Mejor de la Academia en Español

(left to right): Dr. Fernando Arevalo (USA), Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia), Dra. Oly Azar-Arevalo (Venezuela/USA)
(left to right): Dr. Fernando Arevalo (USA), Dr. Rubens Belfort Jr. (Brazil), Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia)
With great admiration and heartfelt loss.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Dr. Angela Fernandez
PAAO Executive Vice President

Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia); Argentina, 2023
Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia); Cartagena 2018
(left to right): Dr. Carlos Restrepo (Colombia), Dr. Angela Gutierrez (Colombia), Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia), unknown, unknown, Dr. Angela Fernandez (Colombia); Cartagena 2018
Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia); Cartagena 2018
(left to right): Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia), Dr. Alexandra Mieth (Colombia); Cartagena 2018
(left to right): Dr. Angela Gutierrez (Colombia), Dr. Paulo Dantas (Brazil), Dr. Alexandra Mieth (Colombia), Dr. Eduardo Arenas (Colombia); Cartagena 2018

Letter of Condolence by the Colombian Society of Ophthalmology
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Tributes to Dr. Arenas by ASOMINT Medicina Integrativa