COVID-19 in Mexico

June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of ophthalmology residents all over Mexico. In our hospital (Instituto de Oftalmologia Conde de Valenciana) patient attention has been reduced by over 50%, and surgeries have been limited to only emergencies. This has affected the learning experience of our residents. Coronavirus has also affected the vision of our patients since they have been missing their check-ups, which has led to an increase in ocular comorbidities. Likewise, the pandemic has affected Mexico in an economic perspective and hence our patients. They no longer have the money to pay for much-needed surgeries or their 4 different daily drops.

 We have seen a rise in the number of diabetic patients without an adequate glycemic control since other health-care sectors, like internal medicine departments, have been focused on only COVID-19 patients. In general, COVID-19 has been a horrible experience for everyone involved, causing stress and uncertainty everywhere. Sadly, in our environment it has also meant a lack of hands-on learning in the experience of the residents and more importantly, the loss of eyesight in the experience of our patients.

On the brighter side, theoretical knowledge teaching, has improved a lot, since most of our sessions, journal clubs and case presentations have moved to the teleconference format, in that matter we have more discussion, more “attendance” and it has shortened the distance with the complete faculty, the residents and the alumni.

Arturo Ramirez-Miranda MD
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Cornea and Refractive Surgery Department, Anterior Segment Department
Instituto de Oftalmologia Conde de Valenciana. UNAM


Arturo Ramirez Miranda MD

Residents & Fellows “Instituto de Oftalmología “Conde de Valenciana”, Mexico City.

 From left to right:

Cornea Fellow

GABRIEL CEDILLO OD, MD @gabo.cedillo.94
Cornea Fellow

2nd year resident

NICOLE MACRIZ MD @nicolemacriz
2nd Year Resident

JENNIFER KIM MD @jhyunakim
Chief Resident