Tribute to Dr. Fernando J. Arévalo-Coutinho

To my father, my first professor of ophthalmology, my friend, and my constant inspiration through all the steps of my life. In this 30th Anniversary of his early departure, you are always in our hearts.”

J. Fernando Arevalo, MD PhD FACS

Tribute to Rich and Chita Abbott

In honor of my mother and father, Cecilia and Richard Abbott; as well as the profession of Ophthalmology. My parents have dedicated their lives to this incredible and honorable work and we have all received so much in return. Thank you to all of our friends at the PAAO for supporting our family, and especially, Dad, during this very difficult time.

Alison Abbott Chassin

Tribute to Rich and Chita Abbott

In tribute to Chita Abbott, a kind, compassionate and loving partner to Rich Abbott. As a couple they have contributed so much to ophthalmology on a global basis and all the while doing so with the greatest humility and respect to all. We will miss you Chita.

Giulia and Schalon Newton

Tribute to Miguel Burnier

Professor Miguel Burnier Jr. has been my professor, mentor, role model, and friend even before I entered medical school. He was fundamental during my postgraduate studies since he was the reason why I chose ocular oncology as my area of academic research. More than 50 colleagues from Brazil and other parts of the world are as lucky as I am for having Professor Burnier as their PhD advisor and as their friend; hundreds more have learned from him at his laboratory. It is truly a pleasure for me to donate to the Foundation of the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology in honor of Professor Burnier.,

Rubens N. Belfort III

Tribute to Arun Singh

“Professor Arun Singh was my professor in ocular oncology way back in 2008, and he has served as my mentor since then. For 10 years, he has been fundamental not only in my professional growth but also in my goal of making my ocular oncology service in São Paulo the largest eye cancer center in Latin America. He still serves as our international advisor in difficult cases, providing knowledge and guidance as an international volunteer. I am blessed to have him as my गुरु जी.

Rubens N. Belfort III

Tribute to Rubens Belfort Mattos

A great professor & mentor at Escola Paulista Medicina from whom I learned so many things, including the importance of academic institutions.

With love & gratitude,

Nora & Miguel Burnier