Richard & Chita Abbott Young Leader Award Recipients

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Richard & Chita Abbott Young Leader Award is given to the best project in each future PAAO Leadership Development Program (LDP) class. This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated support of their national ophthalmology society and the PAAO and has participated in leadership activities at the national, subspecialty, or supranational society level.
2021 Award

The award was presented virtually.

Yazmin Mercedes Báez Peralta, representing the Dominican Society of Ophthalmology, is the 2021 recipient for her project “Incorporate the use of NEO2 Blend in the NICU to reduce de risk of ROP”.

The purpose of the project was to reduce the percentage of premature infants with advance stages of ROP in the Dominican Republic by introducing oxygen mixers with compressed air at the NICU.

Read the project abstract here.

2019 Award

Dr. Jaime Soria Viteri (Ecuador) & Dr. Zelia Correa (USA)

Jaime Soria Viteri (Ecuador) representing the Ecuadorian Society of Ophthalmology is the 2019 recipient for his project “OftalmoEconomics”

OftalmoEconomics is a new section of OftalmoUniversity. 

A space has been created in Spanish so that ophthalmologists who wish to start their private practice or grow it can access information on real cases and relevant published data. It is also a place to share successful experiences, tips and recommendations. 

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The Pan-American Leadership Development Program is an extremely successful program. Our LDP graduates have gone on to prominent leadership roles in national, sub-specialty and international organizations.